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Photography and Mapping from Above

Radman’s ability to provide full service, in-house capability, using our own photogrammetrists, pilots, aerial photographers and support staff to execute its mapping services assures our clients of excellent quality control and timely completion of projects.

When you need a bird's eye view to continue monitoring and planning for your projects Radman Aerial Surveys, Inc., is the company to call. We make continuing your projects easier with the use of topographic mapping and aerial photography. We are an in-house company dedicated to making high level design accuracy maps, meeting national map accuracy standards. We provide services to clients throughout California, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona from our location in Sacramento's Executive Airport.

Aerial Photography

When you are in need of monitoring construction sites, landfills, rivers, lakes, or any other project from above, call us. We are able to provide these services in a timely manner with high-quality results. Our calibrated Leica RC30 Camera with an AWAR 112 mounted on a PAV 30 Gyro - Stabilized Camera Mount with Ascot Flight Management System using a Trimble GPS 5700 for airborne projects. We provide both black & white and color imagery depending on your needs.

Topographic Mapping

Whether you need freeway design, utility, or land development mapping, we provide it for you. Everything we complete is done in house using our own equipment and employees to meet your delivery schedule. This allows us to avoid relying on other companies for different phases of the project and gives us complete control over the quality of the product. We are open all year long and ready for any job large or small. 

Our computer aided topographic maps include spot elevation, break lines, contours and planimetric features visible in the imagery.

Digital orthophotography

 Our digital softcopy workstations can provide either rectified imagery from topographic mapping or auto correlated imagery. 


Our clients include federal, state, city, and county agencies, engineering firms, utility companies, environmental organizations, and land surveyors.